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We can disagree on the issues, but let's stop the name-calling and speculation about motives

Enough with the personal attacks

I'm responding to the letter to the editor in the Aug. 9 issue from Peggy Kirkendall about Rory Bialostosky and David Baker.

Bialostosky filed the lawsuit requesting the handwritten notes of City Councilor Teri Cummings.

I'm not going to comment on the merit of the request of lawsuit. However, it's truly unfortunate when personal attacks enter into discussions about issues. I've seen name-calling and demonization increasing all over the United States, often with some pretty awful results.

Kirkendall has repeatedly attacked the motives of Bialostosky and Baker, via the Tidings and in other forums.

I know Baker very well, having served with him on the Rosemont Summit Neighborhood Association as well as other volunteer efforts. He has West Linn's interests at heart, performing countless hours of community work and involving all neighbors — no matter their political affiliations, race or religion.

Baker is an example of what we all should strive for — a selfless person who is not interested in personal glory of any kind. I ask Kirkendall and our entire community to turn off the personal attacks. We can disagree on the issues, but let's stop the name-calling and speculation about motives.

I think we'll have a better, more caring and less contentious community when we do.

Abby Farber

West Linn

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