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Don't forget to vote in the upcoming Nov. 5 election West Linn - there are things on it for you!

Vote no on Measure 3-554

In 2014, voters approved an $84.5 million capital Bond. Just five years later we are being asked for another $206.8 million.

The reason given for this huge request is overcrowding, but check the facts.

The district's own projections show over-enrollment of only 787 students by 2028. There are more cost-effective ways to cover any future over-enrollment than with this bond.

— Athey Creek Middle School, with 690 students, is to be moved from its present location on Borland Road to Dollar Street, an area with major traffic congestion and safety concerns.

— The demand for the re-envisioned Arts and Tech High School is unproven.

— The bond would add more seats to the WLHS football field with possibly not enough parking being added to satisfy the West Linn Municipal Code requirement.

— Look at your property taxes and see how much you pay for schools. While we all support excellence in education, I believe that a no vote will tell the district to sharpen their pencils and come back with a more reasonable request.

For the first time, I am going to vote no on a school bond. Please check the facts, and vote no, too.

Ed Schwarz

West Linn

Vote yes on bond and levy

Yes and yes ... Regardless of whether you own your home or rent for your family, the children in this community benefit from your yes votes on the WL-WV ballot measure and bond levy.

Do you want the state to match $7.19 million in revenue to our school district? Vote yes on these measures. The families in this district benefit in number of quality teachers, outstanding facilities for student and community use, safety and innovation.

By voting yes, you are not only helping to maintain the incredible quality of teaching, athletics, arts and technology in our school district, but also ensuring the level of excellence in the future.

It is no secret that West Linn and Wilsonville are growing communities and have one of the top school districts, not just in the state, but in the nation. Let's work together and vote yes to support the opportunites available to us with the renewal/passage of these measures. Vote yes twice!!

Laura LaJoie


Bond gives me sinking feeling

The WL-WV School District's enrollment is barely growing, but now those "out of district transfer students" are not being allowed in. Since we soon may be a shrinking district, it is time to say "no" to the district's overblown capital construction bond.

When I see on Orestar that an architectural firm is the major donor to this bond campaign, it gives me that sinking feeling. Just as it discourages me to see the district's growth projections being based on the urbanization of Stafford, which most area residents oppose.

I feel funny to see some of the people who brought us that overbuilt LOT water treatment plant serving on the district's Long Range Planning Board. Education is a public service. I feel anyone who could benefit from municipal growth, construction and land development should leave our school district alone.

Please vote "no" and save your school support money for the growing instructional needs of our students. Let's not mortgage away our kid's future for a bunch of construction.

Locking into 30 years of construction debt won't do a lick to address the district's falling achievement scores. Now that the transfer student debacle is over, it's time to focus on instruction rather than construction.

Rebecca Adams

West Linn

Bond, levy ensure school success

In November, we will have a chance to vote for a $206.8 million school bond for capital improvements. It's important to note that it would not raise the current tax rate we are paying. We'd be getting a new primary school on the district-owned Frog Pond property. The district would relocate and expand Arts & Technology High School to the Athey Creek Middle School site to accommodate enrollment growth and also increase career and technical education opportunities.

A new Athey Creek Middle School would be built on the district-owned Dollar Street property in West Linn, and it would be a true neighborhood school.The bond also would pay for the long-awaited Performing Arts Center at Wilsonville High, as well as safety, technology and facility upgrades at all schools.

A renewal of the local option levy, which pays for 80 teachers across the district, also will be on the ballot. That tax levy is not expected to raise the current tax rate.Will you join me in making sure the West Linn-Wilsonville schools continue to be among the best in the state by voting for both the bond and the tax levy?

Doris Wehler


District working for kids

As West Linn-Wilsonville School District residents, we are writing to encourage a "YES" vote on the WLWV School District's Bond this Nov. 5! It is a blessing to reside in such a highly rated school district.

Thanks to the great schools in West Linn and Wilsonville, WE ALL benefit from higher home values and attractive neighborhoods in which to live. When schools deteriorate, so do the surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

The WLWV School District administration and board have done their homework! Student and school safety advisory committees examined safety needs at each district school. The Superintendent's High School Study group spent a year researching how to best educate students for the future workplace and how the District can provide more hands-on learning experiences for students. A 10-year enrollment forecast study was performed to assess future school capacity needs.

And finally, the District hosted a Bond Summit, attended by 200+ community members, to receive community input regarding the timeliness, need and cost of the proposed projects.This bond will make WLWV schools safer, upgrade technology, expand opportunities for hands-on learning, career and technology education and the arts, renovate aging schools and relieve crowded schools.Vote "YES" on Measure 3-554!

Chael and Brittany Sonnen

West Linn

Story presentation shows bias

This is not a stance for or against the Southlake Sports Complex being proposed by the Willamette United Football Club and opposed by the Keep Borland Rural organization.

The article headlining the Oct. 3 edition of the West Linn Tidings and the way it was presented to the public shows bias by the West Linn Tidings in a non-opinion piece.

The article itself did not show bias as it presented the facts and statements by both parties. What was concerning was the banner presentation on the front page. Looking at the banner, the word "OPPOSE" was in a 1-inch typeface, bold with red coloring. Just below that word was "SOUTHLAKE SPORTS COMPLEX" in a 3/4-inch typeface with blue coloring. To the left of the word oppose, there was "BORLAND RESIDENTS" in a 1-inch typeface with black coloring.

As a title, the first thing your eye catches is the brightly colored OPPOSE – SOUTHLAKE SPORTS COMPLEX. It implies that the Tidings is giving an opinion and trying to get the citizens of West Linn to move against the complex. This is editorial mismanagement. If this title and article was in the Op-Ed section, there would be no complaint. But this subliminal messaging does not belong on the front page.

I expect more from my local paper.

Ross Stout

West Linn

(Editor's note: The West Linn Tidings has not declared any position on this development project and the choice of fonts/color that accompanied the story was in no way intended to influence readers.)

Invest in success

I am grateful to be a part of a community that has a long tradition of supporting our students and schools.

The support is evidenced through the countless volunteer hours of our parent support groups, the fans turning out to support our high school athletic teams, the sell-out crowds watching our dramatic arts students, the appreciation for our music programs, and the willingness to continue to support financial measures that benefit our schools.

This November we can re-commit to paying our existing tax rate and continue to support our schools. Our community's efforts are being rewarded. West Linn High School and Wilsonville High School have among the best graduation rates in the entire state! They also rank #4 and #8 of Best High Schools in Oregon overall as rated by US News and World Report.

Niche's Best Schools in 2020 ranked our entire school district as #1 in the state for athletes, #2 in the state for best districts, and #4 in the state for best teachers. Our district achieves this success because our community values education and is willing to invest in our schools and teachers.

Please join me in voting yes to continue the investment in our students and schools this November.

Gail Greenman

West Linn

Our schools stand above rest

Please join me in VOTING YES TWICE to support the WLWV School District. Through several relocations for jobs, I have seen firsthand how lucky we are in WLWV.

We are part of a community that cares. That care comes with our commitment to support our children. This November we will have the honor to continue to support 80 staff positions throughout the district by voting yes for the Local Option Levy.

A yes vote for the capital bond will ensure that our schools get the needed safety and security projects, including the building of secure entryways and limited-intrusion glass, at all WLWV schools.

The school district will also be able to build a Performing Arts Center at Wilsonville High School and provide safety upgrades to the stadium and the building of additional parking at West Linn High School.

Our children are our most valuable resource. Please vote yes twice.

Mary Donovan

West Linn

Show your support for schools

I am proud to support the Local Option Levy and Construction Bond on the November ballot.

As a former public school teacher and with daughters in second and sixth grade, I know how important staffing is. Our local option levy will allow our WLWV community maintain eighty full time positions.

That averages five, yes five, full time positions across our 16 schools! The school construction bond will include safety and security projects, as well as technology upgrades district-wide.

I feel truly blessed to be part of this wonderful community and am proud to continue supporting our children and our teachers. Every single student in the WLWV School District will benefit from us VOTING YES TWICE.

Laura Hall

West Linn

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