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Don't forget to vote in the upcoming Nov. 5 election West Linn - there are things on it for you!

Bond boosts school safety

The West Linn -Wilsonville School District's excellent reputation in the past and now is largely due to the commitment of our community and business leaders to invest in our children's education.

Voting yes on Measure 3-554 and Measure 3-555 on the Nov. 5 ballot maintains this level of commitment for all of our children.

I served on the West Linn-Wilsonville School District Safety Advisory Committee advising the school board on safety concerns at our public schools. Information was gathered from parents, teachers, and students throughout the district.

Our committee made recommendations to the school board. These recommendations were largely adopted by the board. Voting yes on Measure 3-555 will renew an existing local option levy that will preserve 80 classroom teachers. This will help keep classroom sizes smaller and avoid a harsh $11.2 million budget cut that would eliminate these positions.

Our children's safety and quality of education will be severely diminished if these teacher positions are eliminated.

Voting yes on Measure 3-554 will provide funding to provide secure entrances, classroom lockdown hardware and intrusion limiting glass in all schools. It will replace outdated fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems, and add site lighting, video monitoring and communication upgrades district ide.

These are critical safety and security needs the safety committee identified for our schools so that our children can learn in a safe and secure environment.

Shawn O'Neil


Speak for the children

Please join me in voting yes next month for the bond and local option levy. These measures are replacing current bonds that are expiring and will not increase taxes.

Our community has a long history of supporting infrastructure and funding for teacher positions, and the projects that the district has proposed include important safety upgrades, student capacity issues, and technology and performing arts investments.

Since our children cannot yet vote for their own interests, they depend on our commitment to their education. I urge each voter in our community to vote yes twice for our schools.

Katie Hamm


Student says vote yes

I've been part of the WL-WV community since kindergarten. I'm now a fifth grade student looking forward to middle school. I still remember my kindergarten meet and greet; it was the very first time I stepped foot into what would be my school home for the next six years.

It's a beautiful place, colorful, lots of sunlight, but most importantly, full of great people. My parents have always told me how lucky we are to be part of this community.

When I asked what the VOTE YES TWICE sign was in our yard, they explained to me that our community invests in our schools to have more teachers and these beautiful buildings.

I asked if I could vote, but my parents explained to me that I have to wait until I'm 18. I hope you join our family in continuing to support our schools by voting yes twice.

Gabrielle Greenman

West Linn

Keep our schools strong

Please join me in voting yes twice to support WL-WV schools.

As a proud father of two girls, one in middle and one in primary school, I am honored to support our schools. We have a vibrant, active community because of the investment those who live here make.

Investment comes in all forms, not just money. Parents flood our schools and are ready and willing to assist teachers with what they need. This is just a small way we can give back the love and nurturing they give to our children.

Voting yes twice this November is an investment of dollars, an investment made directly to and for our children. Voting for the local option levy will continue to fund 80 additional staff positions, averaging out to five positions in each of our 16 schools.

For my family, that means 10 additional staff people my children wouldn't otherwise have. Can you imagine the impact of having five fewers teaching positions in your child's school?

A yes vote for the capital bond will ensure that our schools get the much needed safety and security projects at all WL-WV schools. I ask you to make the same investment and vote yes twice.

Keenan Hall

West Linn

Please join me in voting yes on Measure 3-552

This measure sensibly restores the language that was in the City Charter until 2013 when it was changed. It adds important wording affirming that our elected City Council is empowered to retain legal advisors to serve the city's needs. This would make Council's management authority over the City Attorney and other legal consultants clear from now on. Measure 3-552 will improve independence and objectivity in legal services and be cost effective.

According to information submitted by City Manager and the City Attorney, the savings to West Linn of having one City Attorney under Council will be approximately $166,000 in 2020 and $177,000 in 2021. Similar savings should continue in the future. During the next 10 years that would be approximately $1,715,000 in savings for our city. An Assistant City Attorney would not be employed by West Linn. Measure 3-552 would establish and limit the authority of the City Manager.The City Manager is not an elected position, so it is especially important that the authority of the position is clearly defined. Our elected council is held accountable to the public through the process of elections. By passing this measure they will once again have clear authority over legal services.

Roberta Schwarz

West Linn

No on school construction bond

I believe in the importance of education. As a university professor, I have seen firsthand the doors that education can open. I understand that many people have chosen to live in West Linn because of the quality of the city's schools. You would think that I would vote yes on the construction bond.

But I am also a financial professional and a taxpayer. When a government organization asks the taxpayers to incur $206.8 in debt, I want a transparent explanation of why the debt is necessary and what the funds will be used for. The school board has failed on this point. There is still time for the school board to hold open houses and community gatherings to explain why the funds are needed and what the funds will be used for. There is still opportunity for the school board to submit articles to the West Linn Tidings to explain the reason for the construction bond. Unless the school board becomes more transparent, I will vote no on the construction bond.

William Ramirez

West Linn

Vote yes twice and ensure wonderful schools

Two very important measures will be on this November's ballot. Join me in voting yes twice. Our teachers and children deserve to be supported by having decent classroom sizes and essential resources. Our community continues to grow, which means increasing needs. Voting yes will allow for support of this growth; from improvements to secure our schools, to construction of a new primary.

Our family has been incredibly grateful to be a part of the WL-WV school district. Voting yes on the district's bond and local option levy will ensure key improvements to retain quality teachers and a wonderful place for our children to learn for years to come. All this without adding to our taxes. So please join me in voting yes twice in November.

Katie Green


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