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Neighbors share their thoughts on congressional, commissioner and sherrif races

Gamba would serve electorate well in Congress

Mark Gamba for Congress! He is running against Kurt Schrader in the May 19 Democratic primary in the 5th congressional district (CD5). A former photojournalist with National Geographic, Mark saw the damage that climate change was inflicting on ocean animals. He was elected to Milwaukie's City Council and currently serves as mayor. He led that town to adopt the strongest climate action plan for any Oregon city that size. He has also led Milwaukie to construct affordable housing, plant trees and to convert the city into a walkable bikeable, wheelchair-able town.

CD5 encompasses most of Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Tillamook and Lincoln Counties. Kurt Schrader's campaigns are largely financed by large corporations such as pharmaceuticals, oil and gas (including Koch Industries), and Big Agriculture. In contrast, Mark accepts contributions only from individuals. And their records reflect their sources of support. To find out more, visit

You must be a registered Democrat to vote for Mark in the May 19 primary. If you are not, but wish to change, visit This will only take 5 minutes, and can easily be reversed after the primary if you wish.

Michael Litt


2020 is still an election year

Given the massive disruptions these days, it would be easy to forget that this is an election year. While it may feel like we are currently in a state of isolation-limbo, the Oregon Primary deadline of May 19 is looming.

COVID-19 has brought many issues into focus, including the importance of effective leadership by our elected officials. This is a perfect time to review our options for local, state and federal elected representatives.

Mark Gamba is running as a Democrat for Congress (the seat held by Kurt Schrader since 2009). As mayor of Milwaukie, Oregon since 2015, Mark has devoted his time, talent and energy to addressing fundamental issues that affect everyday lives, and the proper role of government and how it works — or doesn't work — to provide leadership that is inclusive, and addresses social and environmental justice.

Key issues that get Mark going each day include climate change and related natural resource management issues, universal access to healthcare, affordable housing, a living wage, campaign finance reform and voter rights.

Mark is not accepting any campaign funding from corporate donors. I believe Mark Gamba has the progressive values that are needed to represent us in Congress. Take a look at his website at for 5th U.S. Distric representative t to see what you think. And please vote in the May 19 primary — your vote matters!

Fred Holzmer


Doggie bags aren't just for takeout dinners

Dogs — and their droppings — seem to be clustered everywhere. Large or small, both appear frequently on sidewalks, streets, and trails. But whether unwrapped or tied up in colorful plastic bags, abandoned dog dung is a disgrace.

I don't own dogs, but several of my friends and neighbors do. I often care for these lovable pets, feeding them, walking them, and yes, picking up after them. Picking up does not mean putting it back down. Please, just dispose of the bags appropriately.

Does this demand more effort than taking the dog for a walk? Do people really need a reminder? Many homeowners are posting yard signs that read: "there is no poop fairy." Is respect for others and for our environment also becoming a myth?

We can still walk our dogs without using the world as our wastebasket. (Fortunately, doggie bags are now easier to find than T.P.)

Alan Edwards

Happy Valley

Schoenfeld right choice for county sheriff

The Clackamas County Sheriff's office (CCSO) budget has more than doubled in the last 15 years ($47 million to $117 million) under the present senior management (Sheriff and Undersheriff through Lieutenant). At the same time, on-the-ground patrol deputies have been reduced nearly 25%. We deserve better. Perhaps it is time to rethink how the CCSO is managed.

In today's world, it is not enough the CCSO senior management (Sheriff and Undersheriff through Lieutenant ) are experienced law enforcement officers. With a budget of $117 million and around 385 employees, they also need to have strong, applied business management experience and education too.

Before accepting reports on possible changes, they need to be sure it includes budgetary and equipment impacts so they can have a clear understanding of the effects of the report recommendations. For example: CCSO management should not have acted upon the Search and Rescue (SAR) reorganization report until financial and equipment needs and impacts were clearly explained (they were not included in the report). That incomplete report was the basis for a SAR reorganization that is likely to cost us (taxpayers) around $1 million a year, plus the additional start-up costs in equipment, and dedication of people taken from other responsibilities.

I see four candidates with excellent law enforcement credentials, but only one has the additional education and applied business experience we need to effectively and efficiently manage the CCSO with a current budget of $117 million and around 385 employees. Only one candidate has the strong support of the Clackamas County Peace Officers Association, the men and women who will benefit directly by that leadership.

We need that experience leading CCSO, bringing those missing on-the-ground patrol deputies back on-line and budget allocation back in-line. I am voting for Schoenfeld. How about you?

Russ Lawrence

Oregon City

Gamba is best candidate for Congress

We all have a lot on our minds right now. We are concerned with the health, and well being of ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. Many of us are looking closely at examples of leadership in our lives (good and bad) at work, schools, our places of worship and in government.

Right now, more than ever we need smart, compassionate and effective leadership in government that is not corrupted by corporate money. We need politicians who listen to the people, and work boldly and urgently toward solutions for our healthcare, social and environmental crises.

Mark Gamba is fighting to be the voice of the people of Oregon's 5th Congressional District, through his support of universal healthcare, the Green New Deal, and combating systemic poverty and economic injustice.

As mayor of Milwaukie, Mark listens deeply to his constituents, and builds collaborations to get the critical work done. I have known Mark as a friend for 9 years, and have worked with him on several committees. He is a visionary, a person of integrity, and commendable character. He fights hard for the kind of policies and programs that are urgently needed.

Learn more at, and please vote in the May 19 primary!

Ben Rousseau


Vote Sloop for HD 37

I hope your readers will vote for Republican Kelly Sloop for state representative HD 37. Kelly is a native to the West Linn area. She is a fantastic candidate with deep roots here. She will not stand by and watch our communities become Portland.

Kelly would have voted NO on the Cap and Trade bill which would have cost my family & Oregon lots more money and done nothing to reduce climate change.

We need Kelly as she is someone who will lead with common sense & facts! Please help our communities by voting for Kelly Sloop HD 37 and she will stand up to Portland politics.

Josie Alexander

Lake Oswego

Bernard a trustworthy leader

Chair Bernard has a platform that is inclusive in action. Supporting family-wage jobs, supporting victims of domestic abuse, streamlining applications and processes for our business community, and advocating for housing and education for all folks are the areas Chair Bernard has advocated for since day one. Jim puts people first, and that is exactly what we need to get our economy back and to protect the most vulnerable among us.

I am sure that recycling old Politicians, like Jim's challenger Tootie, through our legislative systems is NOT healthy, productive, nor imaginative of the actual needs and goals of our County. Vote for a leader we can trust. Vote Clackamas Chair Jim Bernard.

Melissa Fireside

Lake Oswego

Schoenfeld can rebuild trust in sheriff's office

In 2015 I reported a detective at the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office was engaged in misconduct. When this incident became public it contributed to a firestorm of controversy which damaged the reputation and working relationship with the DA's Office and Board of County Commissioners, but most importantly with the community we serve. This caused stress and anxiety to many deputy sheriffs who had no part in any misconduct, but unfairly felt the scrutiny.

Ultimately the Clackamas County Sheriff's office was investigated by the Office of Independent Review, the same group that will be looking into the West Linn Police Department. The OIR group identified a number of issues and made dozens of recommendations. The current Sheriff has stated he will no longer work with the OIR group. We can't effectively serve if the public doesn't trust us.

Lynn Schoenfeld is running for Sheriff and is the candidate best equipped to rebuild relationships with our community partners and restore the faith and confidence with the public. Lynn is a devoted public servant with 28 years of law enforcement experience and a diversified background that makes him explicitly qualified to lead the Sheriff's Office. He has 20 years of law enforcement leadership experience, an MBA and executive level business management experience having run his own businesses.

It's time for change at the Sheriff's Office and I encourage residents of Clackamas County to vote Lynn Schoenfeld for Sheriff.

Sgt. Matt Swanson


Finally, a worthy candidate

Every time I visit a National/State Park, a city park or greenspace, or take a breath of clean air, I am thankful to strangers who valued the natural world enough to protect it. Now, those in power see nature imprinted only with dollar signs and are reversing progress that took decades to achieve.

As longstanding protections are lifted, as regulations on corporate polluters are rolled back, as public lands are opened to mining, drilling, and exploitation, and tribal treaties are violated, it is easy to feel powerless in the face of the corporate/political machine. We are not powerless. Collectively, we can do much. Our habits and lifestyles must evolve to live more lightly upon this Earth and we must elect candidates of integrity and courage who reflect our values.

Mark Gamba is one such person. He is running against incumbent Kurt Schrader in the upcoming Democratic primary. While Mr. Schrader's voting record supports corporate profits, Mr. Gamba will fight to protect the health of the people and the planet. Mark Gamba walks his talk. His life is a model in conservation. I am happy to finally have a worthy choice on the ballot. Use your power. Vote on May 19th for Mark. Vote for the good.

Shelley Reynolds


Marylhurst Toastmaster Club meets online

Marylhurst Toastmasters Club has been helping members improve their speaking and leadership skills for over 20 years.

Because of the coronavirus, TVFR Station #58 on Willamette Falls Drive closed its doors to us and other community groups. We now utilize the online platform ZOOM. This allows our members to continue their learn-by-doing pathways every Thursday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. online via ZOOM.

If you desire self-improvement in your communication skills, we can help you improve your self-confidence, speaking and leadership skills. If you are interested in see what Toastmasters is all about, then call to join us at one of our weekly meetings.

Every Thursday night, we have fun at our well-organized meeting practicing, learning and listening to on-line presentations.

ZOOM in and try us out. Call 503-317-0322 for information. Visitors are always welcome.

Loretta Schwarz

West Linn

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