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West Linn residents endorse candidates for the state legislature and City Council

Prusak is the proven choice!

As past president of the Oregon School Boards Association, member of the Clackamas Community College Board and West Linn Wilsonville School Board, I could always count on Rachel Prusak to be fully committed to public education.

She has a proven track record of successes for early childhood and K-12 education, including $17 million of additional funding to our local schools, and she understands first-hand that community colleges are an affordable pathway to college, career, and family wage jobs.

Rep. Prusak is accessible and tireless in her outreach and advocacy for her constituents. Her values for healthcare, public education, housing, and the environment have resulted in improvement of the quality of life not only for HD 37, but for all Oregonians. She listens and communicates well, and her legislative successes speak to her skill in collaboration.

Now, more than ever, we need her public health lens to help guide us through this unprecedented pandemic. She has the head of a medical professional delivering fact-based solutions, and the heart and compassion of a nurse to make a difference in all our lives.

Let's re-elect Rachel Prusak!

Betty Reynolds,

West Linn

Kelly Sloop to keep us safe and no new taxes

Our state representative Rachel Prusak moved into our community from Portland a few of years ago to run for office and became a puppet of Portland politicians. She is funded by radical groups who do not support life or our safety. Prusak has voted for every increase in taxes and every increase in government power. Our government does not have and never will have infinite sums of money to implement the grandiose socialist plans of Prusak. Tough decisions, costs vs. benefits, need to be made on our behalf. Kelly Sloop will prioritize essential services, ensure fiscal responsibility and has a lifetime of community involvement and shared values. Kelly Sloop will be our best representative.

Lora Hecht,

West Linn

Vote for Sloop

This independent voter is voting for Kelly Sloop to be our West Linn-Tualatin state representative. Although I have supported our current representative Prusak in the past, the violence in Portland that has been quietly ignored and even encouraged by our governor and Democratic leaders has disappointed me greatly. Yes, I support equality for all. Yes, I want to stop abusive police misconduct. But violence, destruction, mayhem and abject disrespect of the law by the Portland Antifa crowd is not something I can accept, as has been encouraged by Oregon's political leaders.

Our leaders have put the misbehavior and violence of a few as a priority they support, yet my safety as a citizen and community member is not on their radar. We have watched for over three months at the mayhem, the beatings, the murders, the destruction of livelihoods, the looting and damage of businesses. And enough is enough! We must vote in reasonable, rational, law-abiding legislators in Oregon before our state turns into one big, awful Portland.

We need to bring the adult back to the governing table. Kelly Sloop, we need YOU!

Karen Ryan,

West Linn

Don't be misled by flyer

Sadly, I am accustomed to the White House spewing hate and fear, but I was deeply disturbed yesterday when that kind of language arrived in my mailbox from a local campaign for District 37. The flyer supporting the candidacy of Kelly Sloop is twisted, mean and misleading. I know Rachel Prusak. I know that Rep. Prusak is a good-hearted and kind woman who is deeply committed to the physical and emotional health of all of her constituents as well as all the citizens of Oregon. She took an oath when she began her career in medicine, and that kind of selflessness motivates every decision she makes. She says, "Part of doing no harm means doing everything I can to keep others from harm. It's fundamental to who I am." Please don't let Kelly Sloop's lies blind you to Rep. Prusak's essential goodness and all she does for the people in our district.

Victoria Meier,

West Linn

We Need Kelly Sloop for West Linn and Tualatin

With the Oregon legislature almost entirely in the hands of one party, we are finding out what that means: more taxes and little or no consideration for differing opinions or support for our rural communities. Look at what's happening in the single-party-state of California where there are high taxes, rolling blackouts and wasteful spending.

It's time to elect Republican Kelly Sloop for the Oregon House of Representatives to start reclaiming the voice for those who are going unheard. She is local and has deep roots in our community compared to Rachel Prusak who recently moved here and who voted like she still lives in North Portland.

George Detrick,

West Linn

Prusack will fight for us

My name is Ramey Wells, and I moved to West Linn from San Jose, California six years ago where I was a teacher. I am still heartbroken from teaching hundreds of children how to hide and protect themselves from an active shooter.

I first got to know Rachel Prusak when my neighborhood was in lockdown because of a manhunt for a shooter in the neighborhood. I remember Rachel speaking out about her own experience with gun violence. She's lived it, and she knows what's at stake. I know she'll keep fighting for common sense gun measures because I've seen her diligence, compassion, and attention to her community.

Since then, I know that I could call her on the phone, and she'd not only take my call, but take notes and take action. She is working nonstop for us and our children, just like she works nonstop for her patients. Our community benefits from her hard work and care, and we need to reelect her in November.

Ramey Wells,

West Linn

Critical choices

I will be voting to keep Rachel Prusak as our state representative. She has built relationships, worked tirelessly for West Linn and supports the issues that matter.

We have an opportunity for real change in our council, so let's be very careful with our votes this year. Multiple candidate choices can be confusing, so personally I look at previous experience, who is supporting them and what they would bring to the role.

For mayor, my vote goes to Jules Walters. Despite all the negativity during these last two years, hers has been the voice of reason and moderation. She is the leader West Linn needs and will regenerate our reputation.

For City Council my vote goes to Rory Bialostosky and Kim Bria.

Rory grew up in West Linn and will bring a much needed younger voice to the council. He has already demonstrated his beliefs in transparency and the rule of law.

Kim Bria brings her experience in project management to the role. As a member of both the Transportation and Sustainability Advisory Boards, she understands the issues and cares.

Finally, Mayor Russ Axelrod, thank-you for your service. You are the kindest and most ethical person I know.

Brenda Perry,

Former West Linn City Councilor

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