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Think hard about the future of American democracy when casting your vote this election

At 74 years of age I'm sitting in my office with my almost 6-year-old granddaughter, striving to help her navigate her Zoom classes. Meanwhile, down the hall is grandma working with the 8-year-old with her class. In our bedroom are one of the 12-year-old twins deep into math on his Chromebook, while the other twin is in the living room working on writing. As I watch and help my grandkids, I begin to wonder, exactly how is our country "great again?"

There have been over 210,000 dead Americans due to inaction and rejection of science. Instead of a global response, our leader leaves the World Health Organization, disbands the infectious disease task force, and quits listening to health experts. Millions are unemployed with no help. A president who won't commit to a peaceful transition of power. A leader who constantly lies and trusts the intelligence of our enemies and ignores ours. A leader who calls all of us who served in the military including those who gave their all, "suckers," all the while he found ways to dodge serving our country and pays little taxes.

A Utah Senator tweeting "Democracy isn't the objective; liberty, peace, and prosperity are. We want the human condition to flourish. Rank democracy can thwart that." Babies and children ripped from their parent's arms at the border. An armed teenager killing demonstrators who walks past police with his assault rifle, meanwhile militias plot the kidnapping of a governor to start a civil war. A leader who calls armed fascists, bigots, and racists "good people" tells them to "stand by" and "watch the polls", instead of condemning them and their hate-filled rhetoric. He calls any news he doesn't agree with "fake" and wants to throw anyone who disagrees with him into prison.

Each day I wonder how to explain to my grandkids how we've let our country slide into this terrible state. Maybe I'll tell them how the "Greatest Generation" fought to save "Democracy" and make our country great against the same racist thugs (Nazis) who murdered millions, we now call them "Proud Boys" and "militia". Maybe I'll tell them about my uncle Jim who was killed during the "Battle of the Bulge" and the thousands of other Americans who died by his side freeing millions of people from the Nazi thugs. Maybe I'll tell them how the "Greatest Generation" survived the "Great Depression" and World War II, to put laws into effect that created Social Security, Medicare, civil rights, banking restrictions, consumer protection, the interstate highway system, the right to organize unions and other laws protecting ordinary Americans, all with the right wing of the GOP screaming "Socialism".

Or maybe I'll be able tell them how this year we looked deep into our souls and were able to save our "Democracy" and reject the GOP's far-right agenda. Think about those with the GOP moniker, even in Clackamas County and Oregon who have enabled the present leader and his minions to lead us down the road of fascism; not unlike the German people in the 1930s who are now willing to destroy a "Government, by the people, of the people, and for the people." I urge my friends and neighbors to think long and hard, and step-up and cast their votes for our grandchildren and children and the future of our hard-fought-for democracy.

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