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WILSONVILLE VETERINARY CLINIC - Dr. Kristen HardingeIn last month's column, we discussed gardening hazards. But there are many more dangers for pets in the Great Outdoors. While hiking, boating, swimming or playing outside, please be aware of these common dangers in the Northwest:

Rat poison: Pets find these chemicals very palatable, and dogs or cats that eat rodents killed by poison will have the same exposure to the toxin as the rodent that consumed it. It can cause life-threatening bleeding disorders.

Pesticides, flea and tick products: Products labelled for large animals may be toxic to dogs and cats. Permethrins, which are commonly used in flea products for dogs, are toxic to cats.

Radiator fluid: This is very sweet, so dogs and cats love to drink it. It will cause fatal kidney disease if ingested.

Gorilla Glue: Tastes good to dogs. If they consume it, it will expand in their stomach and cause life-threatening gastrointestinal (GI) obstruction.

Algae blooms: Can cause GI upset or liver failure. Do not let your dogs swim in water that has a green or blue sheen to the surface.

Toxic mushrooms: If your dog consumes a mushroom and you're not sure if it is safe, grab one or take a picture and contact poison control. Some of these can cause GI upset or liver disease.

If your pet has contact with any of these items, contact your local veterinarian or poison control hotline immediately to determine the best course of action. Have a safe and fun spring and summer!

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