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Brought to you by Elaine Rust - The Springs at Wilsonville - RETIREMENT LIVING INSIDER

THE SPRINGS AT WILSONVILLE - Elaine RustThe Springs Living at Wilsonville is known for an exceptional culinary offering, which includes an abundance of fresh, nutritious dishes made-to-order for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seasonally inspired, our chefs deliver a variety of favorites.

Menus and specials are heavily influenced by what's in season. Whether its produce or seafood, our goal is to buy the best ingredients while they are in season in our region. This seasonality keeps the menu fresh, delicious and interesting, while also retaining nutritional integrity. Studies show that fruits and vegetables picked and eaten at the peak of ripeness retain more of their key nutrients than those plucked green in anticipation of a long journey to market. Our culinary approach is built on relationships with local farmers and producers so we have first-pick of the highest quality ingredients.

We consider every aspect of food, from farm to table and our goal is to use food to improve our residents' overall well-being, including physical, emotional and social wellness.

Conditions such as diabetes and food allergies can make it challenging for seniors to prepare meals on their own that fulfill strict medical requirements while satisfying your tastes. Let us remove the worry and strain. Our specially trained Chef Max makes it easy to nutritiously address these dietary limitations.

Culinary wellness nourishes your body, enriches your mind, and lifts your spirits. At The Springs at Wilsonville, we call this the "Art of Delicious" and our new Chef, Max Popejoy (trained under Wolfgang Puck) will serve you an appetizing meal with a beautiful presentation. Come by and see for yourself.

The Springs at Wilsonville – Life is just a little easier here.

The Springs at Wilsonville

7600 SW Vlahos Drive

Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 582-9414

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