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WILSONVILLE VETERINARY CLINIC - Dr. Kristen HardingeEveryone looks forward to taking off work and getting a little R&R—even the family dog and cat! Here are some tips to keep your pet safe and happy on your trip.

Travel by car

Restrain your pet with a car harness, seat belt or barrier, so they are secure in case of a hard stop or an accident. Never let your pet ride in your lap or in the front seat. If an accident occurs, the presence of the pet may prevent appropriate actions by the driver, and deployment of the airbag may injure or kill the pet.

Do not leave pets alone in the car in warm weather. Even with the windows rolled down, temperatures can rise to dangerous levels within minutes. Stop and take bathroom breaks and offer food and water. If you pet gets car sick, speak to your veterinarian about medication.

Travel by plane

Depending on its size, your pet may be small enough to fit in a Sherpa bag under the seat in the cabin, or a crate in the cargo area. Offer a small meal in case your pet develops motion sickness, and speak to airline staff about offering water in holding areas or between flights. There are size limitations and times of year when it's too hot or cold to allow pets to fly in cargo, so be sure to check with your airline in advance. And, similar to motion sickness, anxious pets can also be given medication to reduce anxiety.

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