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LANCE'S SUPERIOR AUTO SERVICE - Lance GriffinMost of us spend a lot of time in and around our cars. Just as you can tell if something is rotting in the fridge, it's also possible to diagnose car problems with a suspicious change in odor. If you smell any of the following, take your car in to be checked (be aware that you may smell certain odors only when the car is running, hot or sitting):

Sweet maple syrup: Coolant is leaking, possibly from a radiator or heater hose, or the from the radiator itself. Be especially suspicious if you can smell it from outside the car.

Burned carpet: The brake pads are overheated. Maybe you've left the parking brake on; are driving through lots of hills; or have a dragging brake. Use your hand to check the temperature of the brakes to find which one is burning.

Rotten eggs: This is the smell of hydrogen sulfide in your exhaust. Your catalytic converter is probably malfunctioning; there may be a problem with your engine.

Burning rubber: If you smell burning rubber while the engine is running, a hose might have come loose or you could have a drive belt issue. A rubber component is in the wrong place and in contact with a hot part of your engine.

If you notice something, bring in your car right away. Don't put off necessary repairs and turn a minor problem into an expensive one! Call Lance's Superior Auto at 503-682-8522 to schedule an appointment.

Lance's Superior Auto Service

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