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GATES FAMILY DENTISTRY - Dr. Denise GatesAs the weather warms up and kids begin playing more sports, you may wonder if your child needs a mouth guard. Most parents, who would think nothing of slapping a bike helmet or other protective gear on their child, hesitate at a mouth guard. But the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation reports that young athletes who do not wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to sustain damage to the teeth.

Research also shows that 1 in 3 Americans clench/grind their teeth at night. Nightly grinding wears down your tooth enamel and can lead to tooth cracking. These cracks can then allow in bacteria that cause cavities and/or weaken enough over time causing the tooth to break. It also can cause pain in your jaw joints.

Custom mouth guards can be made by your dentist to prevent this damage. They are an investment that last years and a great preventative measure. They protect your natural teeth and also any fillings, implants, crowns and other dental work you've had done.

Maintaining your mouth guard is simple and necessary. Always rinse off all saliva and store dry in a dedicated case. Daily brushing and bringing it to every six-month exam is recommended, where we can give it a special cleaning and make adjustments if necessary. If you suspect you or your child may need a mouth guard, please ask. We love to help you make the right choices for protecting your oral health.

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