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Brought to you by Elaine Rust - The Springs at Wilsonville - RETIREMENT LIVING INSIDER

THE SPRINGS AT WILSONVILLE - Elaine RustIndividual's needs and desires are driving the focus of activities at The Springs at Wilsonville. As the earliest Baby Boomers begin entering the community, we are listening and adapting to their requests. Today's seniors have different expectations than their predecessors. They like a more relaxed approach to activities, with freedom to do what they want, on their schedule.

The Baby Boomers want to linger and visit with their neighbors. Many of the women did not hold jobs outside the home and enjoyed getting to know their neighbors. Once their husbands left for work and the children left for school, these women would gather over a cup of coffee and share their personal stories.

Hearing and seeing these shifts of culture and behavior, the activity directors at The Springs at Wilsonville are doing more programs focused one-on-one rather than as all group activities. They are spending time reading, sewing, doing arts and crafts, watching videos in the theater, or painting their fingernails.

We want our residents to know that they are never too old to give back and be productive and show their knowledge. This past week as I talked with one of the residents, he told me he would like to be able to go out and do things when he wants to and not wait until it is scheduled by the bus. From his comments, we are planning to make time where residents can go out to Starbucks or just to the shopping center to walk around and enjoy the beautiful day.

The exciting thing about our community is that we are staffed with an Activities Director and seven assistants who provide activities seven days a week. We know that the individual resident is the one that is important and we are listening to them. Come tour our beautiful community, have lunch with us and you'll see for yourself.

The Springs at Wilsonville

7600 SW Vlahos Drive

Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 582-9414

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