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WILSONVILLE VETERINARY CLINIC - Dr. Kristen HardingeWhile the 4th of July is a fun holiday for most humans, it is probably one of the scariest days of the year for our pets. More animals run away and get lost or injured on the 4th than any other day of the year. Here are some things you can do to make it less stressful and more secure for your pets:

First, be sure all your pets are microchipped. Simply having an ID collar is not enough, in case the collar breaks off or becomes lost.

Second, be sure you have a secure location for your pets to be during the fireworks. Being locked in a crate or secure room with no outdoor access is best. Dogs that are panicking may be able to break out of a window that is open or door that is not secure. If you are having guests over to celebrate make sure everyone knows where the pets are.

Third, be sure pets are indoors if you are setting off fireworks and make sure the yard is cleaned up afterward the celebration before pets are turned out in the areas.

Fourth, turn on the TV or the stereo for background noise to drown out the sound of the fireworks. You can also stuff cotton balls into the upper part of the ear canal.

And finally, there are medications that you can pick up at your veterinarian that will relieve anxiety or reduce sound phobias. It is usually best to have a trial run with the medications before you actually need them to assess how well they are working.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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