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THE LAUE TEAM - Rick BrainardThe passing of warmer weather has many homeowners wondering if the time to sell their home has also passed. But, as Rick Brainard explains, there are positives to listing your home during fall and winter.

"Although there is certainly more real estate activity in spring and summer," explains Rick, "there are still good reasons to list your home during the cooler months."

One positive to listing during fall comes as a result of the difference in buyer motivation. "People looking to buy a home after summer ends typically are not just throwing around the idea of moving," says Rick, "they usually need to move." As a result, Rick explains, "while the buyer pool may be smaller, buyer motivation can be higher."

For homeowners who decide to list in the fall, Rick recommends a realistic pricing strategy. "It is rarely a good idea to lead-out with an asking price over market value," stresses Rick, "and this is especially true in the space between summer and spring." Rick warns that overpricing can lead to extended days on market and can stretch the home selling process into the holiday season, when real estate activity does take a slower turn.

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