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Sure, you can probably live with a cracked tooth. There may be minimal pain and it might not even show when you smile-but there are many dangers to living with a fractured tooth that could affect your oral health for years to come.

Fracturing a tooth can happen for multitude of reasons including:

  • Teeth grinding tendencies
  • Progressed periodontal conditions
  • Large fillings, old fillings and/or root canals
  • Trauma-such as a hit to the mouth
  • Chewing on hard foods, like candy, ice or nuts
  • A tooth can crack/fracture when there is a weak spot or trauma to the tooth. Once the tooth is fractured, any pressure on the tooth causes a gap where the internal tooth is exposed. This exposure may cause momentary pain or sensitivity, but more importantly, it creates a portal for bacterial growth. Once bacterium enters the fissure, the tooth is vulnerable to a cavity.

    There are many different types of tooth fractures from tiny scratches to more serious root breaks. If diagnosed early, the prognosis of tooth recovery is positive. Treatment options are available for a fractured tooth, dependent upon the size and location of the fracture. Infection (abscess), severe pain, or a broken tooth can occasionally result from not treating a fractured tooth. At this point, treatment becomes more intensive.

    Oftentimes, bite sensitivity is a symptom of a cracked tooth. The integrity of your teeth is vital for your continued oral health.

    Call Gates Dentistry today to schedule your appointment. We will thoroughly examine your teeth for fractures and give you our professional opinion to best care for your teeth for years to come.

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