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Tooth decay happens when sugar in the mouth is metabolized to acid by bacteria. To help prevent tooth decay, we recommend regular preventative-care visits to your dentist, twice-daily brushing, flossing, limit high-fructose syrup/sugary foods, and regular topical fluoride use.

Fluoride is your dental health ally to help prevent decay. Fluoride incorporates into the surface enamel, and increases resistance to acids that contribute to decay.

For many years, fluoride was provided in gel/foam form. Upper and lower mouth trays were filled with flavored foam, the trays were inserted into the patient's mouth, usually with a suction device, and left for minutes to allow the fluoride to work its magic to protect the teeth.

Today, there is a new fluoride option: varnish. The fluoride varnish is painted onto the teeth by your dental providers for the next few hours, while the patient goes about her day, the varnish discreetly strengthens the enamel of the teeth.

The benefits of fluoride varnish over fluoride gel foam are:

  • Varnish dries quickly, and the patient has little inconvenience while it is working.
  • Gag reflex is eliminated with varnish. For many children, the foam mouth trays are uncomfortable and trigger gagging, often resulting in a halted fluoride session.
  • Because the varnish is painted on to teeth, as opposed to foam gel spilling over trays it is a more controlled, localized application of fluoride.
  • Varnish is applied easily and comes in many flavors as well.
  • Find out more about fluoride varnish at Gates Dentistry. Let us help you make the best oral health choices for you and your family!

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