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Why should I think about fillings I had as a child?

A common misconception in dental patients is the permanence of dental restorations-fillings or crowns. Yet, dental restorations have a lifespan and should be monitored for changes. Your teeth work extremely hard, chewing and biting foods of different hardness. The continuous stress put upon your teeth and restorations, will over time begin to show signs of wear and breakdown.

The longevity of dental restorations vary from patient to patient, due to variations in dental hygiene practices, maintenance, diet, and oral bacteria. Instead of a specific life expectancy, your dentist will monitor your dental restorations to insure proper functionality.

Can my filling get a cavity?

Yes! As mentioned above, continuous stress on the tooth can wear down the filling. The wear could allow new bacteria to enter the tooth to create a new cavity. It is better to be preemptive with a new dental restoration now, than a root canal later.

What are signs that my old filling needs to be replaced?

Pain associated with the tooth, either sharp or dull, slight changes to the feel of the restoration, or changes with your bite should be addressed with your dentist. During an oral exam, your dentist will check your restorations for any changes. Yearly x-rays are an invaluable tool to help your dentist attain a more thorough view of your restorations.

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