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Maintaining your car's engine with proper lubrication can save you money and extend the life of your automobile.

Why are oil changes important?

Firstly, the new automatic percentage of oil-life indicators are lulling owners into a false sense of lower/less often maintenance. We are seeing sludge and varnish build up in these cars from extended service intervals, causing problems with carbon build up on the valves and variable valve timing mechanisms.

Secondly, engines are made from moving metal parts. Without proper lubrication, those metal parts create friction and heat, ultimately wearing down the engine. The friction creates engine-wear particles which are detrimental to your engine and old oil turns into sludge which forces your engine to work harder than it needs to.

Thirdly, a clean engine, working as it was designed, works efficiently which saves you money at the gas pump and, in due course, costly repairs. Some of these repairs can cost more than the car is worth, putting consumers in a bind of whether to fix it or buy another car prematurely.

Lastly, the importance of a clean oil filter cannot be underestimated-it removes impurities, such as dirt and metal shavings which can cause your engine to fail. The oil filter

"As a rule of thumb do not exceed 4,000 miles with a conventional or synthetic blend oil / and 6,000 miles for full-synthetic. Oil changes are cheap in comparison to bigger engine repairs." Lance Griffin, owner Lance's Superior Auto

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