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We all know how stressful it can be to bring our pets to the veterinary clinic. For some patients it may be so stressful that owners may put off bringing a pet in for care to prevent that pet from becoming overwhelmed. This is especially true for many cats, who don't go in the car or to new places except on rare occasion. As your pet's veterinarian, we are just as concerned as you are that our patients are stressed when they visit us. Sometimes they are stressed because they are ill, while other times they are stressed because of memories of past experiences at the vet clinic which may have been negative.

For this reason, many low stress handling techniques have been devised by behaviorists to try to make stressful situations less so. In some cases, this involves providing tasty treats for our furry friends. A variety of tempting treats including soft treats, string cheese, canned squeeze (or Easy) cheese, hot dogs, and baby food are commonly offered. We try to allow the dog or cat to accommodate to the exam room and to us by getting on the floor with the pet, talking softly and offering food. We play classical music in the exam rooms and in the back of the clinic where animals are housed. We have snug fitting clothes called Thundershirts which basically give the dog or cat 'a hug' and make them feel more secure. We also have hats called Thundercaps which cover the eyes and reduce the visual stimulation that add to their stress levels. Placing cotton balls in the ear canals may reduce noise stimulation which can scare or ramp up excitement in some dogs and cats.

If you have concerns about bringing your pet in, call us to discuss options before you schedule your appointment. Our goal is to make it easy for pets to come see us so that no one delays care because they don't want to stress their pet.

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