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It has been very exciting for our staff to be trained in low stress handling techniques and we are now a low stress certified clinic. It has also been very gratifying to watch our patients transform from a population of scared animals to a population where many are HAPPY to come in the building, dragging their owners from their cars to our doors.

We do everything we can to make each visit as stress free as possible for every patient. In some cases, this may mean your veterinarian may ask to sedate your pet to get a procedure accomplished because it is too stressful otherwise or we may ask you to come back on a different day after medications have been given.

Things you can do to help: bring your pet in hungry. If you pet has a favorite treat or is a picky eater, bring along some of his/her favorite snacks. Try to remain calm, our pets feed off of our emotions, so if you are worried or anxious, they will be too. If you pet is really fearful in the car, pick up some pheromone at the clinic before your appointment and spray the interior of your car or the inside of their crate. Leave your pet in the car and come inside and let us know you are here, or if it is too warm to leave them alone, just call us when you get here. We'll get an exam room ready with pheromone and have a Thundershirt ready to put on before you come in the building.

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