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Let's talk honestly for a moment. Most people don't like to floss (and I don't mean the Fortnight dance.) As a dentist, I know this. I talk about flossing to every patient. EVERY PATIENT. I even give out dental floss. Studies show that without daily flossing, you are only cleaning about 60% of your teeth surfaces. Flossing reaches food debris and bacteria right where your teeth touch each other and under the gums between and on the corners of your teeth that your brush cannot reach.

With consistent flossing, your cleanings will be easier, more comfortable and reduced bleeding and discomfort during routine gum measurements. There are additional oral hygiene instruments one can use to clean, especially with gum recession, bone loss, and large spaces form between the teeth, but the core routine should always include brushing and flossing. We know as an earlier article discussed everybody gets different oral bacteria that cause decline in gum health and cavities, flossing will reduce these bacteria.

This summer, start a plan to include flossing. When you brush at night, make a point to floss. Keep the dental floss in plain sight to remind you, we are creatures of habit, start a routine. And, during the summer months, our kids often forgo their routines, make certain they are brushing and flossing, too.

Flossing is a low-cost, preventive technique that aids in maintaining oral health. Ask your hygienist or dentist for your individualized oral care plan but core to any plan is 2x/day brushing and 1x/day flossing.

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