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"Hi, my car is making a funny noise and the check engine light is on, can you help me," said the customer.

"Sure! Welcome to our shop. It could be the carburetor…intake valve…beltline…drive shaft….blah, blah, blah…." said the mechanic.

Help! What is my mechanic saying? Sometimes auto mechanic lingo can be a confusing and intimidating foreign language; but it doesn't have to be. At Lance's Superior Auto, we have helped a wide range of customers from the weekend grease monkey who loves to talk about his hot rod, to the uninterested driver who knows nothing about cars and hands us the keys saying "fix it."

Tips to help speak to your mechanic:

-Come prepared! If your car is in need of repair, be prepared to explain what noises, smells, or drive changes your car is experiencing. Your mechanic will need to assess your car, explaining what is occurring can save you valuable time.

-Ask questions! If your mechanic is talking and you don't understand, ask him to explain. People are often dissatisfied when their expectations are not met. By asking questions, you will understand the proposed repairs and the cost of those repairs.

-Don't assume! Just because you Googled your car's symptoms doesn't mean it's the correct diagnosis. Keep an open mind to your mechanic's diagnosis.

At Lance's Superior Auto, our mechanics have 85 years' collective experience in schooling, training, internships, and hands-on application. We strive to fix your car properly and keep you safely on the road. Call today to schedule an appointment, no translator needed.

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