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Statistics show that cats are much less likely to go to the veterinarian than dogs. All cats, even indoor only cats, should have an annual exam and vaccinations. A physical examination and diagnostic tests may uncover a problem earlier in the disease process before an owner is even aware that they are sick. Another important conversation to have with your veterinarian would be any behavior concerns such as litter-box habits or scratching. Often people don't think to discuss this with their vet until it becomes a major problem but it is the most common reason that cats are relinquished, re-homed and in some cases, euthanized. Intervention and treatment is much more likely to be successful early in the process before the habit is ingrained and the owner is frustrated and fed up.

While our feline patients may never be happy to see us, there are ways to make it a less stressful experience. It is helpful for your cat to be comfortable in a carrier and traveling in the car so making it a more regular occurrence will make it less scary when they do need to visit the vet. Soft sided carriers that open from the top may be easier to use. Using pheromone sprays in the carrier also helps ease their anxiety. There are medications that can be given to make both the travel and vet visit less stressful. Talk to your veterinarian to see if these might be appropriate for your cat.

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