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Right about the time you are ready to send your child out into the world, they get a burst of wisdom: specifically third molars, or wisdom teeth.

Between the ages of 17-21, many people experience a slight discomfort as their third molars begin to appear. Each patient is different with regards to third molars. It is common for third molars to be removed and recommended in late teens into twenties.

It is important for a dentist to monitor your child's wisdom teeth for many reasons. A dentist note changes around the teeth such as cysts, gum disease, or potential to damage surrounding teeth. If the teeth are unable erupt or your child is unable to keep them clean, there is risk for pain and infection. Before any decisions are made, dental x-rays will be taken to determine position in the jaw. If extraction is recommended for your child's wisdom teeth, your dentist will discuss how this process will work and if any sedation is needed. Recovery from wisdom teeth extraction is usually two to four days with the most discomfort, but up to two weeks for complete tissue healing.

We take your child's dental needs seriously, from crib to college and beyond. So before your child sets out into the world, talk with your dental provider about their third molars. Here at Gates Family Dentistry we are happy to support you in your dental pursuit to health.

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