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For people with a basic understanding of auto mechanics, many small repairs can be fixed at home. Coolant leaks and drive belt repairs are pretty straightforward for a weekend-hobby mechanic. Even oil changes can be done at home, though they can get messy.

Cars are relatively resilient machines, you're not likely to blow up the engine by changing the fuel filter. But know your capabilities. After all, your safety may rest in your ability to fix your car correctly. Safety equipment such as seat belts and airbags should be fixed by an authorized mechanic to ensure proper working order.

At Lance's Superior Auto, we take care of all repairs then test drive your car to make sure it's running right. Here are a few things to consider when you are trying to decide whether to fix it yourself.

-Newer cars with on-board computer systems can require code resetting after repairs are complete.

-Spark plugs, if inserted improperly, can damage the threads in the cylinder head.

-Something as easy as a battery replacement can cause other problems due to computerized charging systems.

-If you start a home repair and it doesn't go well, it could cost more to fix than the initial repair.

Don't wing it. Today's cars are different from the cars in high school auto shop class. Computerization and proprietary car parts can make even easy repairs more complicated. Give us a call today, even for the smallest repair.

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