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You've undoubtedly heard the expression "use it or lose it." There a no truer words with regard to dental insurance.

Most insurance companies have their policy benefits online- you are your own best advocate to receive the benefits in this outline. Reading your policy can be a confusing and frustrating process filled with mysterious language; yet understanding your policy will help you to receive all your health benefits and avoid claim denials or unexpected bills.

Dental insurance benefits have an annual maximum which generally does not roll-over- each year, depending upon when your policy restarts, so does the benefit arrangement. Unused benefits, will not carry over to the next year. Therefore, using any and all benefits provided is ideal. Most insurance policies provide basic dental cleanings with an exam twice yearly, and x-rays yearly. Utilizing these preventative services will help you avoid larger, more expensive dental problems in the long run.

And if you do need more than just a cleaning, confirm your coverage for dental work in advance and know what you will be responsible for.

Take control of your healthcare benefits. At Gate's Dentistry, we understand your financial concerns and will help you navigate a workable solution to your dental health needs while maximizing your insurance benefits. No insurance? That's okay we have in-office options to aid in getting your needed dental care. It doesn't always make sense to pay insurance premiums that may be more than the cost of your preventative dental needs.

Call us today to set up your dental exam and cleaning. With the New Year, let's work together make your dental health a priority.

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