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Are your little hobgoblins excited about the 100 million pounds of candy they are going to amass at Halloween? Meanwhile, are you are less than happy about your sugar monster's tacky taffy, sticky suckers, and sugar, sugar, sugar? Are you imagining their teeth starting to look like Sloth's from "The Goonies?"

Don't despair. With a bit of fortitude and follow-through, you can help your child maintain excellent dental hygiene and enjoy their candy booty.

-Consider a strategic plan: allow your ghoul to eat what they want on Halloween night. The rest is placed out of reach and doled out by you at later intervals.

-Remind your child that sugar can contribute to cavities. Encourage them to brush their teeth after eating candy. Two minutes, twice a day, every day.

-Floss those fangs! Help your child understand the importance of flossing. Food bits and sticky candy can become lodged between teeth. Flossing along with brushing will maximize clean-mouth results.

Remember, not all candy is equal. Hard candy takes time to dissolve, meaning the sugars sit on the teeth for longer periods of time, whereas chocolate is eaten quickly with less contact on teeth surfaces. Sticky candy, like caramel apples, popcorn balls, or taffy can tug on previous dental work, causing damage.

Halloween is the perfect time to encourage your little goblin about the importance of year-round oral health. Setting daily routines of brushing and flossing will help your child succeed.

Now, where did I hide the Snickers…..

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