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Just like your body, preventative care can help avoid costly, unwanted repairs while giving your car a longer life expectance with maximum performance. You may be wondering, if I schedule regular maintenance, why would I need a tune-up?

At an oil change, we change the oil, air and oil filters, and check tire pressure, the battery and wipers. A tune-up is a more comprehensive approach to examining your engine. At your car's tune-up, we will:

--Test the fuel

--Inspect ignition

--Look at emissions for faulty vacuum hoses

--Inspect oxygen sensors

--Examine the engine and all of its components

--Calibrate timing and idle setting

--Replace spark plugs, if needed

In the end, your car will start easier, run smoother, and run more efficiently. A tune-up is an investment in the long-term health of your car; from the latest model to the collector's Model T, every car needs a quality tune-up.

So, when should you consider a tune-up? If your car is idling rough, slow to start, stalling, any changes in steering, or a drop in gas efficiency, it's time for a tune-up.

Call today for an appointment. Our team of experienced, AAA-approved auto repair technicians, including our Master Technicians, will use their extensive knowledge of mechanics to tune-up your car in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the intended performance of your car.

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