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-Protect your pets from the weather-While it can be fun to play in the snow and it is still important to get exercise, watch your pets closely and adjust the amount of time spent outdoors if they are not acclimated and getting cold. Short-coated, thin pets may need a coat to protect them from the weather. Older pets may be stiffer and more painful from arthritis in the cold, damp conditions. If your pets primarily live outside make sure they have a cozy spot out of the cold, wind and rain. Outdoor animals may need more food as they will burn more calories to stay warm and make sure they have a fresh, non-frozen water supply.

-Be careful on ice as dogs may injure themselves slipping and don't walk out on frozen lakes or ponds unless you know they are completely frozen.

-Wipe their paws when they come in from outside, especially if they may have come into contact with deicer or salt. This is also a good opportunity to look for cracked paws or ice buildup between their toes

- Use pet friendly antifreeze and deicers and watch for any spills on the ground. Antifreeze tastes sweet and can be enticing to pets and only a small amount can be fatal if ingested.

-Check your car for any cats sleeping under the hood or in tire wells as they may get up in the engine to stay warm. Bang on the hood to scare them away before starting up your car or driving away.

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