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Pharmacy online, retail giant, local pharmacy or in clinic? The cost of medication increases all the time and we know how expensive it can be to purchase medications for your pet. Here are some things to consider when you are buying medications for your pets.

The big box stores, including online pharmacies, purchase their medications in bulk and typically from outside the United States where the cost of pharmaceutical manufacturing is lower and quality control may not be as high. Most box store pharmacies have no warranty for the medications they sell-meaning they are not responsible if they are not what they represent it to be or if it is not efficacious. There have been cases where it has been found that the box stores are purchasing medications illegally or through bootleg sources and the medications are not been what they were purported to be. While the drug manufacturers do their best to prevent this from happening, the big box stores are out to make a profit and they will do so in whatever way they can. So be careful when purchasing veterinary medications from a box store. Even a medication with a brand name label may be falsely represented.

In Oregon, if a client requests a written prescription for a medication, veterinarians are legally obligated to provide one. This prescription can be used online or at any other human pharmacy.

Next month, will feature Part II of this article where you will learn about pharmacies and how we can help regarding your pet's prescriptions.

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