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When you take a prescription to a human pharmacy be sure you know what the drug is you are getting and what the dose and frequency of administration is supposed to be. Veterinary doses are different from human doses, and every month, hundreds of prescriptions are altered by human pharmacists if the dose does not seem correct to them. The pharmacist is supposed to call the veterinarian if they have a concern about the prescription, but this does not always happen. Because our veterinary patients metabolize drugs differently than humans, making these types of changes could be either overdosing or under-dosing our patients, both having serious consequences.

Don't be surprised or upset if your veterinary clinic cannot match a price you can get online or at a big box store. Many veterinary clinics are small and do not order in bulk and they buy direct from the manufacturer, not from a source in another country or off the black market. Larger corporate practices may have their own brands and sell at different prices than smaller clinics can. Remember, that the price at the veterinary clinic are higher because our costs are higher, we are not trying to make a profit off our medication inventory, it is here as a convenience to our clients to make sure you have medications when you need them especially if your pet is ill. We are always happy to provide a written prescription whenever you request one.

Veterinarians also may prescribe human medications that are similar to veterinary ones if they are less expensive.

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