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In addition to genetic testing, additional health testing for the female may also be indicated based on her age and physical exam findings. Every female to be bred should be examined by a veterinarian prior to each breeding cycle to ensure she is healthy enough to breed. Pregnancy is a huge physiologic stress and she may develop life threatening conditions during pregnancy. A reproductive veterinarian can assist with timing the breeding, artificial insemination (if needed), pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring, and whelping or C-section. Using a veterinarian who is experienced in reproduction is essential because many veterinarians have little experience with reproduction and/or neonatal health concerns.

Be prepared to deworm and vaccinate the puppies, and start their socialization process. Selecting good homes for all the puppies is an arduous process. It is important to ensure that each puppy is going to a home that is well prepared to raise it. Breeding your dog doesn't end with weaning as the new puppy owners will call with questions and concerns and may not be prepared to keep the pet if it has a health concern or something in their lives change that prevent pet ownership. Making sure these pets are not surrendered to rescue or a shelter should remain the responsibility of the breeder.

Speak to professionals breeders to make the best decision about whether breeding are right for you and your pet. If you are thinking about breeding a designer dog, and you are not willing to invest in all the appropriate health testing and health care during pregnancy, whelping and during the rearing of the young-try to remember all the mixed breed dogs looking for home and sitting in rescues and shelters-go there and adopt instead.

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