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Car manufacturing uses the latest technology to improve performance, drivability and longevity of your car. More and more cars manufactured in the last 10 years use Direct Injection. It's where the fuel injector is positioned to inject the fuel directly into the combustion chamber on top of the piston. It operates on high pressure in a harsh environment, so keeping it clean is important. I recommend having your car's Direct Injection cleaned every 30,000-50,000 miles depending upon drive pattern.

What happens if you don't? Because the injection now happens after the valves in the combustion chamber, the valves get filled with sludge and carbon waste which can eventually hold the valve open when it's supposed to be closed. The result is car misfires and your check engine light comes on. There are two cleaning services that will clean out the sludge: Fuel Injector Service cleans the fuel injectors and Induction Cleaning cleans the valves and throttle body.

Cleaning out your fuel system is important to the overall health of your car. Injectors that are flushed and free from sludge deposits will perform as intended and save you money at the fuel pump.

Depending upon the make and model of your car, and whether both valves and injection system need cleaning, cost is between $150-250. Call today to schedule an appointment. At Lance's Superior Auto, we will look at your Direct Injection system and perform the necessary work to keep your car performing as intended.

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