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Brought to you by Dr. Kristen Hardinge - Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic - VETERINARY INSIDER

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1. Lose weight-Nearly 55% of dogs and 59% of cats in the US are classified as overweight or obese. The solution is simple, fewer calories consumed and more calories expended. Since we as pet parents are the ones controlling the food, we are the ones who need to exhibit self-control to resist those puppy dog eyes and mournful meows and feed less food. Don't forget all those extras such as treats, dog bones or snacks from the table count as calories too.

2. Exercise more-Obviously this goes along with the goal to lose weight but exercise has other benefits too. Keeping our pets active can lead to longer, healthier lives. As pets age, exercise in moderation can help reduce pain from arthritis. Exercise and play are also important mental stimulation for both dogs and cats. A tired pet is a better behaved pet!

3. Learn new things and see new places-It is true the even old dogs (and cats) can learn new tricks! Maybe some of the training they learned "way back when" needs some refreshing. Perhaps switch up your favorite walking routes or go for a drive somewhere new. Young and old alike will appreciate the interaction and this helps mental sharpness and engagement in our older pets.

4. Spend time together-After all, what does your pet really want but to spend more time with their special people. Exercise and play are important, but a good snuggle is great for everyone's mental well-being!

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