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One of the most common complaints of cat owners is inappropriate urination. This may be caused by a number of different diseases and our thinking about how to manage these cases has evoled greatly over the last 15-20 years. There are a variety of causes of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD). If your cat is urinating outside the litter box, it is important to first ensure that there is not a medical reason for this. Having it's urine checked by the veterinarian for infection with bacteria or presence of crystals or stones must be ruled out first.

Barring these diseases, behavioral issues are left to work on. Sometimes, the addition of a new cat, dog or other family member has upset the cat prompting this behavior. Other times, it is a new type of litter or moving the litter box to a new location or even moving to a new home or apartment. FLUTD is much more common in indoor only cats because they have less mental stimulation than indoor/outdoor, or outdoor only cats do. It is important to assess all aspects of the cat's environment, its housemates, human family members, its health, weight and activity.

Increasing the cat's mental stimulation (perches, windows, toys, games), using appropriate numbers of litter boxes for the number of cats in a household, the correct type of litter, working on weight loss if appropriate, and proper diet. Cats with this disorder are often painful and part of the initial treatment is pain management.

Don't wait too long if your cat is showing signs of inappropriate urination. The faster it is addressed, the less damage to your home will occur and it can sometimes make it easier to treat.

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