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Is your dog or cat suddenly scratching and chewing at themselves? Fleas may be the culprit! Luckily, we have many products to help control these pests. The most popular are monthly topical products or prescription oral medications. While there are many flea control products available over-the-counter, be careful as many of these can be toxic or even deadly if not used properly, particularly to cats. Be sure to check the labels to make sure they are safe to use on your pet (dog vs cat, age, size). Many of the veterinary products may also help prevent ticks, heartworm or intestinal parasites as well. Please discuss with your veterinarian which product is best for your pet. If you find one flea on your pet you can be sure there are hundreds more in the pet's environment and thousands of flea eggs just waiting to hatch. Therefore, environmental control is critical in addition to treating your pet. This can include using insecticide products in the home and environment but vacuuming is also important to reduce flea eggs and larva. The flea life cycle typically lasts 3 weeks so you will likely see another round of fleas emerge and you may need several months of effort before effectively reducing the flea load. Depending on your environment, you may never be completely rid of fleas but hopefully keep them under control to keep your pet (and yourself) comfortable. While we tend to see more flea infestations through the summer, thanks to our temperate climate, fleas can survive year round

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