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Well, nobody is perfect, but with some knowledge and organization, you can avoid some common car mistakes and save yourself costly repairs.

---Keep track of your maintenance schedule and stick to it. Your car requires clean filters, clean oil and fluids in order to run properly; look at it like preventative healthcare.

---Ignoring dash-board indicators can cause serious damage. Don't assume your engine light went on because the gas cap isn't tightened when a quick diagnostic test can confirm it. If it happens to be a more serious issue, it's best to deal with quickly before other parts of your car are compromised.

---Is your car making a new noise or smell? Like dash-board signals, noises and smells are also indicators that you should pay attention to. Cars are made to run quietly, if there are pops, bangs and whistles, have it checked out. Loose parts on a car spells trouble.

---Safety recalls can oftentimes look like junk mail or a telemarketer. But safety recalls are important for your safety, to avoid potential liability and for resale. Plus, oftentimes manufactures will absorb the cost of the repair.

---Driving on an empty tank can potentially damage your fuel pump, the mechanism responsible for getting the gas to the engine. On empty, it can overheat causing damage and a costly repair.

Notice a theme here? It's all preventative! Be proactive instead of reactive. Now that you know, you can plan better strategies for your car's health and save time and money in the process. Schedule your maintenance today at Lance's Superior Auto.

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