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Heartworms can cause serious, life-threatening disease in your pets. It is caused by a microscopic parasite carried by mosquitoes that then develops into adult heartworms in the heart and pulmonary arteries of infected animals. It takes 6-9 months from the time of an infected mosquito bite to develop the adult worms and animals may have no symptoms until the disease is quite advanced. Signs of infection may include a chronic cough, difficulty breathing, decreased energy or weight loss. Diagnosis or screening for the disease begins with a simple blood test by your veterinarian. If the result is positive, more testing may be required to confirm the disease and determine the extent of damage. If detected early enough, treatment can be successful but it is painful, risky, lengthy and expensive. This disease is much more prevalent in other parts of our country (and world) but the incidence in our area is rising. Prevention is much easier and safer than treatment. Dogs must first be tested and shown to be negative before starting a heartworm preventive. Prescription medications to prevent heartworm disease are available as monthly oral or topical products from your veterinarian. Many of these products may also be effective against intestinal worms and/or external parasites. In our area, heartworm prevention is recommended year-round and retesting annually or as recommended by your veterinarian. Please talk to your veterinarian to protect your pet from this deadly disease

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