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When winter comes, we winterize our homes, but there are easy ways to prepare your car, too.

--Replace ineffective windshield wipers and consider a windshield protectant like Aquapel to repel rain and fog. It will also increase the longevity of your wipers.

--Have your battery checked. When the temperatures drop, so does your battery's power. It takes more power to start your car and if your battery is not in top form, it could leave you stranded.

--Like the battery, your car tires lose pressure in the cold, even a 10-degree change can drop pressure of 1 PSI and with slick road conditions, optimum tire pressure is important to retain traction.

--Consider winter tires if you plan on driving in wintery conditions. The rubber from all-season tires hardens in cold conditions. Winter tires are engineered to resist hardening and provide better traction, even on dry pavement.

--Check your cooling system and maintain the proper ratio of antifreeze to water, specified in your car's manual.

-Keep your washer fluid full and make certain your rear defroster is working.

--Pack a winter safety kit including food and a blanket in case you become stranded.

--Keep the gas tank at least half full. A full tank reduces condensation which can prevent the gas line from freezing up, plus if you are stranded, it will keep your heater going until help arrives.

At Lance's Superior Auto, we can also check your car's brakes, belts, hoses, spark plugs, wires and cables to make sure your car is at its best when Mother Nature gives us her worst. Give us a call today.

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