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It might seem like a maintenance 'add on,' but tire rotation is an important step to help your car drive properly and lengthen the life of your tire's tread.

Tire rotation involves moving tires into different positions on a vehicle, usually front to back every 5-7,000 miles, or with each oil change. Tires are rotated to ensure the tread wears evenly; it will extend the tire life and ultimately save you money. Tires with even tread wear are ideal for your car's balanced handling and if the tread is uneven, the car could have less traction especially if the road is wet.

Your car's drivetrain will help mechanics determine how the tires should be rotated. For example, front-wheel drive wears the front tire tread faster than the rear tires since the front tires transfer power to the road and steer the vehicle. Rear-wheel drive wears the rear tires from the transfer of power, but the front wheels still steer. All-wheel drive vehicles present a strong case for rotating tires since uneven tread depth can put undue strain on the drivetrain.

Older cars with less suspension or cars with alignment problems can cause unusual wear patterns, making tire rotation important. Also, when these tires are rotated, tread cupping, which can produce high noise levels and vibration, can be lessened.

One last benefit of tire rotation: your tire's warranty. Tires are an investment and keeping the tires rotated to the tire maker's recommendations will ensure your warranty is valid in case it is needed.

At Lance's Superior Auto, we can access your tire tread and rotate them for you. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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