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Nothing else induces such guilt as deciding whether placement in a residential program is in the loved one's best interests. According to "Even if a parent requires an intensive level of care and around-the-clock supervision—something that a caregiver is unable to provide singlehandedly—this matter is commonly accompanied by a sense of defeat." As a caregiver, it helps to remember the following:

Your loved one would still have the illnesses or age-related decline if you cared for them or someone else does.

Professional care is necessary to provide increased safety and comfort. There may be specialized equipment or training you don't have.

Taking care of a parent is a huge responsibility. Realize that you are doing the best you can and accept that there are things beyond your control.

Realistically assess your options and do your research. Visit locations and ask questions.

If your parent is being well cared for, then let the facility do its job. Allowing others to care for your parent's needs relieves the pressure and stress of caregiving and allows you the opportunity to focus purely on the relationship between you and your loved one. You can visit often and do small things to brighten their day. Let them know that you are just a phone call away. Embrace your new role and get rid of the guilt and regret.

At the Forest Grove Beehive we understand how difficult the decision is. Please contact us at 503-357-3793 and let us help.

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