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It's always on a day you can't be late: the dreaded dead car.

Let's talk about the three common reasons WHY your car

won't start and what to do:

1. It's dead. When you try to turn it over, there's silence.

No dome light, dash lights or headlights. This is the result of

a dead battery or loss of main power connection. There are a

host of reasons for a dead battery, including lights left on, or

inactivity. Time to use the jumper cables and start it. Remember,

don't just run the engine to charge the dead battery it will

shorten the life of the alternator.

The alternator is designed to restore the surface charge to the

battery, but mainly to run the electronics of the car. You should

recharge the battery with a stand alone charger, or take to a shop to

get it fully charged.

2. The engine won't crank but the dome lights and dash lights

are working. When you turn the key, it sounds blank. It could be

low power in the battery, a faulty starter or wiring. Try recharging

the battery. If it still won't crank, time to make arrangements for it

to be tested.

3. The engine cranks and sounds normal, but it won't

catch and run. Engines need three things: air, fuel and spark.

If one or more of these items is missing, your car won't go. Time to arrange for a diagnosis.

Due to the pandemic, many people are driving less right now,

or not at all. We recommend if your car is not being used, to keep

the battery working by driving your car for 25 minutes each

week. If you're concerned your starter, alternator or battery are

on the blink, then give Lance's Superior Auto a call to schedule

an appointment.

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