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Whether you're simply going for a night of car camping, or pulling a 5th wheel, there are some strategies to keep your vehicle protected.

· Tires are the first line of defense when driving on rough terrain. Before you go, make certain to inflate them to the manufacturer's recommendation and when you return, check air pressure again and inspect them for debris.

· When driving on bumpy roads, your car's alignment can become distorted and change the way your tires wear. Avoid potholes and excessively rocky terrain especially without 4-wheel drive.

-Your car's balance, the suspension, will become skewed if consistently driven on roads in poor condition. If you notice your car bounces or sways more, the suspension might be off.

-Respect the towing capacity for your vehicle as stated in the manual. An average car can pull up to 1,500 pounds while a truck or large SUV can tow as much as 7,500 pounds or even more with heavy duty trucks, but if you try to pull too much, your car's transmission, suspension and cooling system may lose performance abilities.

-And if you get mud stuck, remember to increase the contact patch and momentum. Clear out the mud to the front and sides of each tire, turn the wheel to wiggle the wheels to increase space and push.

-Remember to wash your vehicle and check for foreign objects in the undercarriage after any off-road experience.

After a summer of camping, make sure to bring your vehicle into Lance's Superior Auto where we can check the areas of your car that could be affected. Schedule it with a routine maintenance visit and know that your ride is good to go again.

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