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Even though the weather is cool now, your car can still overheat when there's something wrong with the cooling system and heat isn't able to escape the engine compartment. It can be because of a coolant leak, faulty radiator fan, stuck thermostat, or a clogged coolant hose.


Hopefully you notice your temperature gauge before steam starts billowing from the hood. Here's things to try until you can get the car into a shop.


•  Turn off the A/C, switch the temperature  knob to highest heat and fan to high,  this can help pull heat away from the engine, keeping it from overheating.

• Pull over turning off the car. Allow the car to cool for at least 15 minutes.

• If you're able, check the coolant level and top it off if you can. Restart the engine and drive to your nearest auto repair shop. Watch the temperature gauge as you drive, if it rises again, pull over and let your engine cool again.

• Have it towed if possible. A lot of engines have aluminum heads and are susceptible to damage if overheated. 


The most important thing: don't keep driving, you can damage your engine by allowing it to overheat and don't open the hood immediately because you risk burns or injuries from scalding steam and smoke. Keep calm and be patient. Also, don't think this will alleviate itself. Even if your car was low on coolant and you filled it,  something caused it to be low,  it's prudent to have an auto mechanic check your car for any unseen overheating issues. 


The best way to prevent your car from overheating is to stay current on oil changes and scheduled maintenance. Call Lance's Superior Auto today and let us set your car up with a maintenance schedule to ensure your auto is running well.

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