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In the Northwest, rain is a given. And now that fall is upon us, it is time to consider how rain will affect your car's performance. Slick roads, messy windshields, and standing water can be less hazardous with a bit of preparation. 

The Windshield is the first line of defense in driving in the rain. If your windshield is dirty your wipers will create a hazy film which can be hazardous. At Lance's Superior Auto, we can install a commercial-grade windshield treatment, Aquapel, which creates a barrier to water. It works so well you almost don't need wipers, but we can replace your wipers too. 

Suspension shocks/struts keep the tires in contact with the road and help with body roll and control of the car. If your car is experiencing instability when braking or turning, a bumpy ride, or noise when steering, it may be time to replace the shocks and struts. Good suspension will keep the tires in contact with the road and help you maintain control if you happen to hydroplane or make a fast stop. 

Good tires should never be underestimated. A thin tread on tires will allow hydroplaning. We recommend that if your tire tread is 4/32" or less, it's time to replace for winter driving. But, if you are sliding in the rain, consider replacing your tires sooner. Good tires channel standing water to prevent hydroplaning. 

Whether a sprinkling, downpour, drizzle, or steady stream, the rain is here. At Lance's Superior Auto, we can inspect and prepare your car for the rainy season. Being prepared may save you money, or more. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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