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As a car owner, you follow through with scheduled maintenance and take care of needed repairs to extend the longevity of your car - yet it's easy to overlook wheel alignment. In the valley where roads are slippery, proper alignment can make a difference with performance, especially in winter. 

There are two main factors regarding alignment: performability and safety. 

Aligned wheels carry the weight of the car effectively and evenly. When they aren't in alignment, the tires and suspension are put under needless stress. Winter tires will wear quicker and if this happens, your car will lose performability. 

Look for the signs: you may notice your car driving a bit "rougher" than usual because the suspension system is working harder to distribute your car's weight. There might be a "pull" to a side, squealing tires, or the steering wheel might vibrate. These are signs that your car's alignment is off and without correction, can increase fuel consumption, or even cause damage. 

Without proper wheel alignment, your car loses traction easier making driving in inclement weather more dangerous because your car is working harder to move and handle correctly. Overcorrection can cause your tires to slip.

Tire alignment is needed periodically, especially when you get new tires. Check in with Lance's for advice on alignment and always keep the proper air pressure in the tire for stability and longevity. Keeping you safe on the road is our goal!

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