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Engine / All cylinders - $7,000 +, hybrid car battery - $,4000, transmission - $3,500 +, suspension - $2,000 +, head gasket - $2,000, catalytic converter - $1,500 ad nauseum…..


Yep, these are recent repair costs, but the good news is you can avoid these repairs if you follow some simple maintenance advice.


-Maintain proper fluid levels - especially your engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid,,transmission fluid, and coolant. What are the proper levels? Find your owner's manual to find out. If you suspect a level is low, don't wait, check it. Once the fluid runs low or dry, the damage is done.


-A car's tires are often overlooked, but rotating will reduce wear on the tread and aligning them will help control your vehicle and allow weight of the vehicle to be evenly balanced. Keep the proper tire pressurized, too.


-Check those hoses and belts. Damaged belts can easily be replaced, but if a belt breaks, damage can set in. For example, if your fluid line cracks, your transmission could seize up and need to be replaced.


-Stay up to date with battery and filters. Like tires, these two items will need eventual replacement. Keep your battery charged and corrosion free, and check the engine and cabin filter. The engine filter is meant to keep debris out of the engine which can impede performance.


Want more good news? With scheduled maintenance Lance's Superior Auto, we check all these points, so you don't have to with our 20-point vehicle condition and maintenance inspection during an oil change. Call today.

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