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Tick Tock! It's the perfect time to check your car battery (and home smoke detector) when we

change our clocks twice a year. March 13 is Day Light Savings, and more than just light, we have

some savings at Lance's Superior Auto too!


Of course, you can check the battery gauge in your car, pretty simple, but it's really only giving

voltage from the alternator, not the health of the battery. But we can check it at the shop. If

you want to check it yourself, it's simple. Invest in an affordable multimeter and:


1. Turn off the ignition and any accessories like lights or the radio in the vehicle.

2. If your multimeter is not auto-ranging, set it to 20V DC.

3. Place the red lead on the positive battery terminal (indicated by a + symbol on top of

the battery).

4. Place the black lead on the negative terminal.

5. Read the measurement. If the reading is below 12.4 volts, you may need to charge or

replace your battery.


On average, a car battery will last about four years, but if your engine is slow to start or you can

visibly see battery fluid or corrosion on the battery terminals, you'll need to get it checked.

Remember, the best time to change your battery is before you need to!

Car battery and alternator life is limited. Get your system tested at Lance's Superior Auto for

peace of mind. Call today.

Lance's Superior Auto Service

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