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Have you noticed liquid from your car on your garage floor or driveway? Here's what

it might be:

Engine oil is the most common culprit. It will appear brownish and leak towards the front of your car. Though you can drive short distances you will need your car serviced - but keep checking your oil level. Too little oil can cause your engine to prematurely wear resulting in a costly repair.

Antifreeze is another common leak. Although it can leak from the tailpipe, (BAD NEWS ), antifreeze/coolant will usually appear towards the front engine. It may have a sweet smell and be colored. Like an oil leak, you can drive short distances, but need servicing to prevent overheating.

If the leak is near the middle of your car and red, it's probably transmission fluid. It will smell burnt and you will need to get your car to a mechanic immediately.

Brake fluid can be yellow or clear but will darken with age and may appear brown. It smells rancid and usually leaks near the wheels. Driving without brake fluid is unsafe — best to have your vehicle towed to be serviced.

Power steering fluid can also leak. Red with a sweet, burnt smell, you can drive with this leak, but your steering will start to stiffen.

Water leaks are normal when the car's air conditioning system creates condensation and droplets form. No need to worry about this one.

If you're unsure, give us a call. Leaks simply cannot be ignored and at Lance's Superior Auto, we can assess and fix your car so you can keeping your garage floor shiny clean.

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