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Seems like we wait months for summer, but the hot weather can wreak havoc on a car. Here are the most common problems:

• A dead battery can occur when high temperatures cause the evaporation of battery fluid, forcing the battery to work harder. Keep the battery clean, check its charge, and replace it every three to five years to help prevent a dead battery.

• Your car's engine naturally produces friction and heat, add high temperatures and it's understandable that your engine would overheat. Check your engine in hot weather by monitoring the temperature on your dashboard gauge. And before the high temperatures, make sure your car has the manufacturer's recommended amount of coolant.

• Fluid leaks — last month I discussed all the various leaks. Heat can evaporate fluids in your car, even turning gasoline to vapor and causing hoses to crack.

• Your tires are driving on hot asphalt where they can lose traction and pressure with temperature changes. Overinflated tires (due to heat) will reduce your car's maneuverability and cause undue wear on the tread. Check your tire pressure monthly and before a trip

• Just hearing the term "blown head gasket" sounds dire. If your cooling system isn't functioning properly, extreme heat can create a bigger problem.

Start this summer off right with a visit to Lance's Superior Auto where we can service your car for the heat. We can check fluids, tire pressure, engine gaskets and battery function to ensure your car is performing as it should - that way you can spend more time playing in the sun.

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